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Welcome! My name is Sky, and I am here to cultivate a positive space to connect about issues of parenting. I will use this space to cultivate resources on the issues that touch my life as a parent, infused with my love of illustration. Because I have one young child and another on the way, much of the focus here will be on infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and families with young children. At the same time, I have a special interest in college freshmen (I’ve lived with Harvard freshmen as a residential adviser for 9 years now), and also for asthma (my son began wheezing at 3 months old, and managing chronic asthma is part of our everyday lives). All of these topics will be addressed here.

I bring many lenses to the conversation. Certainly, I write as a mother reflecting on my own needs and priorities, but I am also a researcher, writer, teacher, and artist. I have received a lot of formal training in child development and education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where I completed a doctorate degree and a postdoctoral fellowship. Prior to that, I was an elementary school teacher in New Mexico. I currently work at Harvard to broker knowledge to policy makers and educational practitioners on issues of early child development, literacy instruction, and literacy assessment. I have published one book on these topics, and another is on the way.

I hope that these multiple identities can bring value to the conversation. And yet, this is my place to reflect, to share, and ultimately to wrestle with the everyday, real-world challenges of nurturing happy and healthy children, parent-to-parent.

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